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“I Didn’t Know it Was My Last Time!”

I took my gingys to the pool yesterday, and of course, no one wanted to leave. “Cameron, it’s time to get off the slide…that was your last go…”
His reply, “But Mom! I didn’t even know it was my last time!”, caught me off guard for a second.
It made me giggle. I stood there and thought, “What in the world is he going to do that is going to be so drastically different this last time?
Well, he screamed a little more and I think he may have even leaned back into a slight lay as opposed to a sit. Big difference, y’all. It was his last time. Time to risk it all. “Alright, Mom, we can go!”

The last few days God has been drawing my heart to verses reminding me that life is fleeting, that our days are numbered. In particular James 4:13-15.
When I say “drawing my heart”, I mean this is popping up everywhere….I’m listening to a podcast on Malachi, BAM! Life is fleeting! Reading Acts (history!) BAM! Life is fleeting! I’m at the pool with my kid BAM! I didn’t know it was my last time….

This, along with the #christianeducators chat and a study I have been doing this summer (more on that later) have made me set some goals for this school year.

Real Relationships. with my family, with my friends, with my kids, with my colleagues. Nothing else lasts after I’m gone and nothing else has an eternal difference.

Words that Matter. I tend to waste words and use them without thinking. Each could be my last, each matters.

We all know we don’t know, but what we can count on is every day, every interaction, every word, matters.

And it might make me look a little crazy, but you’ll catch me going down the slide each day like it’s my last time!