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My Mission on My Mind-Goals 2016

Time for a new year to begin. Lucky for me I have actually spent the WHOLE summer preparing this time.  Not by reading the latest books on practice or attending lots of PD but by studying The Teacher, and how He did it.  My biggest takeaway was simple: He stayed mission-minded.  I’ve decided to take all that learning and turn it into a much longer reflection than I know I have room for here.  Perhaps a book, you know, when I retire and have time to write one 🙂 wait for my best seller…

In staying mission-minded I realized I needed to voice my mission, to put it on paper, and it is this: to make an eternal difference.  This is my only goal as I begin this year.  I want my actions to always reflect my mission, always show that I’m thinking about the impact of my words, thoughts,and actions on the student, parent, or teacher I am interacting with. It is my strong belief that when you keep your mind focused on what matters, the rest falls into place.  

I had the privilege of hearing Ron Clark Academy’s Kim Bearden speak this summer, and she reminded us that our actions not only affect our students but their future children, their spouses, the people they will employ and work with….our circle of influence is much bigger than we think about.  Every single interaction matters

I will look for small ways to make a big difference and make connections that make an eternal difference, using each moment to teach lessons that last longer than this year, and I will leave the people I interact with feeling loved and appreciated.  A loved person loves people.  A cared for person cares for people.  And an appreciated person appreciates people.  If I do my job right, that lasts long after 3:00.  

My goal for this year is to stay mission-minded.  My classroom will be a happy, more connected place where kids and families feel loved and accepted.  And I bet my kids will pick up some math and science along the way, too! 



A teacher in between things but still with a lot to say.

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