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Well, I realized I can’t manage two blogs and the cleaning of five toilets (among other things), so I am combining this one with my other.  I mean, my teaching life is my life.  My teaching wisdom is my life wisdom.  I am a better teacher because I care about mental health, get upset when others are ignorant about kids and their needs, and when parents who don’t look or sound like everyone else get the short end of the stick.  The things I am passionate about in the classroom are the same things I am passionate about outside the classroom.

Many educators who write honestly choose to do so under a false name. I won’t. It is kind of like seeing your teacher at the grocery store–shocking! My teacher buys groceries??!?She doesn’t eat dinner in the cafeteria?!!?

It’s ok to say that teachers despise things (Betsy DeVos, not your kid), and love things (totally your kid), that we have opinions, that our job is hard.  It’s ok.

So if you are still interested, this will all be archived–you can still read my words of teacher wisdom here.  Or come on over for some life/wife/mom/teacher/work wisdom at

I stole the name from this really hot redheaded teacher.


A teacher in between things but still with a lot to say.

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